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Roseum – Sedum Sputium – Peace and Tranquility


Live Plants are shipped  in 4″, 6″, 8″ – landscape pots but can be ordered with handmade pottery planters. See Artisan Pottery on Luz Cottage.

Sedum Spurium ‘Roseum’ plants are a beautiful addition to any garden. They have bright green scalloped leaves and pale pink flowers shaped like stars. They grow quickly compared to other succulents, so they’re often used as ground cover. They’ll bring any bare areas of your garden to life with their vibrant green foliage.

These plants may look dainty, but they’re actually quite hardy. They can survive in poor soil conditions and below-freezing temperatures. They can even tolerate droughts that last several months, though we don’t recommend depriving them of water for that long! 

These plants are part of the genus Sedum. Sedum is derived from the Latin word “sedeo” which means to sit. Sedums got this name because of one of their most common growth patterns. Many Sedums grow or “sit” on top of objects like rocks.

Sedum spurium plants are known for their ability to survive in nutritionally poor soil. If you don’t know what the soil quality in your garden is like, this succulent is a great choice because it will be able to survive no matter what.

With that being said, you should aim to put your Roseum plant in nutrient-rich soil and good drainage, which is why it’s often planted in rock gardens. They like succulent or cactus soil mix. It has the kind of gritty, porous materials in it that Roseum plants need to avoid root rot. We usually recommend that you water your succulents once a week, but this particular plant will do better with more infrequent waterings. Twice a month should be enough, but make sure that you watch out for signs of underwatering. If your succulent is thirsty, its leaves will get wrinkly and lose their characteristic plumpness and firmness.

Roseum plants can handle both full sun and partial shade. This versatility makes them great for outdoor gardens. You can plant them in the sunniest part of your garden or keep them in a planter. They’ll do great in either location! We love to keep our Roseum plants outside because they attract butterflies. You can keep yours inside, but they’re practically made for outdoor areas since they’re cold hardy and sun-loving.


4", 6", 8"

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